AMD Epyc 9654

Fastest processor on the planet

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Fast hardware. Fast website!

If you want a fast website, take advantage of these latest hardware innovations

The latest hardware is absolutely mind blowing in performance. The processors alone benchmark up to 50 times (or more!) faster than legacy processors used by the competition. The DDR5 memory and Gen4 NVMe SSD storage is equally stunning.

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Latest 2023 hardware

AMD Epyc 9654 processors

Micron DDR5 4800 MHz Memory

Micron 9400 Gen4 NVMe Storage

Broadcom fiber-optic network uplinks

“The hardware at the big name hosting providers is over 10 years old and more than 50 times slower. These guys have thrown out better servers in the dumpster!”

Anonymous senior level manager:

Big name hosting provider

Fiber-optic network all the way to the server

No legacy copper here! You get 100% fiber-optic connectivity all the way to the server. Competitors owned by profit hungry investment groups continue to use legacy copper to connect outdated servers to old switches, our network is 100% pure fiber-optic end-to-end.

Light travels 10 times faster through fiber optic cables than electricity travels through copper cables.

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